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Notice of Litigation Rights and Obligations

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I. Rights of the Parties in Litigation

(I) The appellant has the right to file an appeal, waive or modify his claims;

(II)The appellee has the right to answer, defend and file a counterclaim against the prosecution of the appellant.

(III)To entrust an agent ad litem to participate in the proceedings;

(IV) To use their native spoken and written languages in the proceedings;

(V) To apply for withdrawal of the judge, clerk, interpreter, legal appraiser and inspector, if:

1. he is a party of the case or a near relative of a party or an agent ad litem in the case;

2. he is an interested party to the case;

3. he has other relations with a party or an agent ad litem of the case, which might affect the impartiality of the trial;

(VI) To apply for extending the time limit of evidence according to regulations or apply to the court for investigating or collecting evidence;

(VII) To apply for property or evidence preservation;

(VIII) To debate, request mediation and reach a settlement;

(IX) To consult court record and request corrections;

(X) To apply for the enforcement of legally effective judgments, orders or mediation documents.


II. Obligations of the Parties in Litigation

(I) To obey litigation order and court discipline, and exercise litigation rights according to law;

(II) To pay litigation fees as required;

(III) To provide the court with an accurate service address and contact details;

(IV) To submit relevant evidence to the court within the prescribed time limit;

(V) To fulfil the legally effective judgments, orders or mediation documents.


(The English Version is for reference only. In case of discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

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